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Short Term Reward with Long-Term Consequences

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Most of us enjoy a little sweet treat every now and then, and some of us more than others. If you have a sweet tooth, however, you may need to understand the effect that sugar has on your teeth and your oral health. Sugar offers short-term satisfaction with long-term consequences, and here's why.The Science of Sugar and Oral HealthDid you know that it's not sugar itself that produces the cavities in your teeth? Rather, it's the chain of events that sugar triggers that causes the damage. Here's how it works.Without proper daily brushing and flossing, plaque builds up on your teeth. Within the plaque are bacteria that use sugar as ...

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DIY Braces: A Good Idea or a Dental Nightmare?

invisalign jensen beach fl
As the saying goes, kids do the darnedest things. But sometimes those things are neither clever nor cute, and that includes a concerning new trend: Kids are making their own fake braces.It comes as no surprise that dental professionals across the country are concerned, sending out the warning that this is not a good idea. Although it might seem harmless to many parents, orthodontists are warning that teeth should not be used as toys.If your child needs orthodontics, talk to your dentist in Stuart, FL, about Invisalign. They are effective for straightening teeth—and unlike homemade braces, they are safe!The Disturbing DIY TrendSome are saying that kids are creating their own ...

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Summer Time!

School is out for summer and its a great time to get caught up on appointments! Summer break opens up time for getting those appointments scheduled that are so hard to do during school hours. Whether its getting your check up and cleaning or having your wisdom teeth extracted, we offer flexible appointment times that can help check the dentist off of your to do list! Call us to schedule your visit today! 772-334-4004

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What to Expect When You Need Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Tooth Extractions | Jensen Beach Dental
Comfort and accuracy is a high priority in every dental procedure we do. When you come to our office for teeth extractions in our Jensen Beach dental office, we make sure that you feel comfortable throughout treatment and the healing process.Wisdom Tooth ExtractionsWhen having your wisdom teeth evaluated, or looking for answers when it comes to your teen child, we approach wisdom teeth in a reliable and predictable way.We start with a complete evaluation of your teeth and bone to determine if your wisdom teeth will become problematic or affect the appearance of your smile. If Dr. Wigley determines that your wisdom teeth do not have enough room to erupt ...

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Teeth Whitening for Special Occasions

Teeth Whitening for Special Occasions | Jensen Beach Dental
Dr. Wigley’s daughter recently got married and had a perfect white smile to go with her beautiful white dress and that was thanks to her custom whitening trays made by Dr. Wigley!Do you have a special occasion coming up and want to have a white smile? Do you drink coffee and wish it didn't stain your teeth? Here at Jensen Beach Dental, we can make you custom lightweight whitening trays that will help you achieve a whiter smile. We take an impression of your teeth and make the trays to fit comfortably in your mouth making it easy to ...

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How to Know if Dentures Are Right for You

Lady with Dentures | Jensen Beach FL
Missing teeth create problems, especially when eating or feeling confident about your smile. Since proper nutrition is so important to good overall health, replacing missing teeth should be a high priority for everyone.We also believe that feeling confident about the appearance of your smile can improve your quality of life by making social situations more comfortable, especially when they involve a delicious meal!Benefits of DenturesDental implants are a popular tooth-replacement option, but many of our patients seek an alternative because of health or budget limitations. Dentures have provided a reliable way to replace missing teeth for centuries. Their function and appearance have improved dramatically over the last few decades because ...

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Common Dental Emergencies and How to Avoid Them

Dental Emergencies | Jensen Beach Dental FL
At Jensen Beach Dental, we do our best to help patients avoid dental emergencies.Of course, they still sometimes happen and when they do, we are here for you. If you experience a dental emergency in the Stuart, FL area, give us a call so that we can restore your comfort quickly and help you maintain good oral health.3 Common Dental Emergencies (and How to Avoid Them)A Fractured ToothMost of the time, when patients come to us with a fractured tooth, it is because they bit into something very common – like a bagel, burrito, or even a piece of bread. It seems counter-intuitive to think that something so soft could ...

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