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5 Tips for Smarter and More Effective Flossing

person flossing

Flossing is a simple habit that can make an enormous difference in the quality of your oral health. When combined, daily brushing and flossing work together to fortify your mouth against potential plaque and cavity-causing bacteria.

As with all oral hygiene practices, proper technique is essential while flossing. Read on for five tips to help make your flossing smarter and more effective:

1. Floss at the Same Time Each Day

Flossing takes a few minutes at most, yet so many patients say they do not have time to floss or find themselves forgetting to floss entirely. To help make flossing a regular part of your daily dental routine, pick a time that ...

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How to Know if Dentures Are Right for You

Lady with Dentures | Jensen Beach FL

Missing teeth create problems, especially when eating or feeling confident about your smile. Since proper nutrition is so important to good overall health, replacing missing teeth should be a high priority for everyone. 

We also believe that feeling confident about the appearance of your smile can improve your quality of life by making social situations more comfortable, especially when they involve a delicious meal!

Benefits of Dentures

Dental implants are a popular tooth-replacement option, but many of our patients seek an alternative because of health or budget limitations. Dentures have provided a reliable way to replace missing teeth for centuries. Their function and appearance have improved dramatically over the last few decades ...

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Benefits of Dentures

Stuart FL Dentures

If you have multiple missing teeth, you might be wondering about your options. For dentures in Stuart, FL, contact Dr. Wigley today for a consultation. We can help determine if dentures will be the best option to replace your missing teeth.

Many people opt for dental implants to replace missing teeth, but the truth is that not everyone can have, or can afford dental implants. We like to provide our patients all of their options so that they can make a choice that works well for them.

One of the most popular choices to replace missing teeth is by using a partial or complete denture.

Here are some benefits of dentures:

You can ...

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