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What to Expect When You Need Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Tooth Extractions | Jensen Beach Dental

Comfort and accuracy is a high priority in every dental procedure we do. When you come to our office for teeth extractions in our Jensen Beach dental office, we make sure that you feel comfortable throughout treatment and the healing process.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

When having your wisdom teeth evaluated, or looking for answers when it comes to your teen child, we approach wisdom teeth in a reliable and predictable way.

We start with a complete evaluation of your teeth and bone to determine if your wisdom teeth will become problematic or affect the appearance of your smile. If Dr. Wigley determines that your wisdom teeth do not have enough room to ...

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Teeth Whitening for Special Occasions

Teeth Whitening for Special Occasions | Jensen Beach Dental

Dr. Wigley’s daughter recently got married and had a perfect white smile to go with her beautiful white dress and that was thanks to her custom whitening trays made by Dr. Wigley!

Get Whiter Teeth for a Special Occasion

Do you have a special occasion coming up and want to have a white smile?  Do you drink coffee and wish it didn't stain your teeth? Here at Jensen Beach Dental, we can make you custom lightweight whitening trays that will help you achieve a whiter smile. We take an impression of your teeth and make the trays to fit comfortably in your mouth making it easy to whiten wherever you are ...

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How to Know if Dentures Are Right for You

Lady with Dentures | Jensen Beach FL

Missing teeth create problems, especially when eating or feeling confident about your smile. Since proper nutrition is so important to good overall health, replacing missing teeth should be a high priority for everyone. 

We also believe that feeling confident about the appearance of your smile can improve your quality of life by making social situations more comfortable, especially when they involve a delicious meal!

Benefits of Dentures

Dental implants are a popular tooth-replacement option, but many of our patients seek an alternative because of health or budget limitations. Dentures have provided a reliable way to replace missing teeth for centuries. Their function and appearance have improved dramatically over the last few decades ...

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Common Dental Emergencies and How to Avoid Them

Dental Emergencies | Jensen Beach Dental FL

At Jensen Beach Dental, we do our best to help patients avoid dental emergencies.

Of course, they still sometimes happen and when they do, we are here for you. If you experience a dental emergency in the Stuart, FL area, give us a call so that we can restore your comfort quickly and help you maintain good oral health.


3 Common Dental Emergencies (and How to Avoid Them)

A Fractured Tooth

Most of the time, when patients come to us with a fractured tooth, it is because they bit into something very common – like a bagel, burrito, or even a piece of bread. It seems counter-intuitive to think that something so soft ...

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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Covereage | Jensen Beach FL Dentist

Start Fresh on your Oral Health

It's a new year which means most dental insurance plans renew, allowing you to have a full maximum of benefits.

If you were waiting to have treatment done until your benefits renewed, it is now that time. Here at Jensen Beach Dental, we file most insurance plans and can help you maximize your benefits to make sure your out of pocket expenses stay within budget all while completing your dental work.

Insurance can be confusing sometimes and you may not always know how your plan works. Our office has experienced staff that knows how to deal with insurance companies and are here to help you utilize your ...

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What Your Toothache Could Mean

Toothache Treatment in Jensen Beach, FL

A toothache is never any fun and is almost always an indication that something with your oral health needs your attention. If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Stuart, FL, your Jensen Beach Dental team is here to help. 

Here are some of the most common toothache causes that we treat.

A cracked or split tooth – A tooth can actually crack or split, but not break apart. However, if the fracture is severe enough, it can affect the nerve of your tooth and cause pain. We can test your tooth visually and by using bite tests to determine if it is fractures and the best course of treatment to ...

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Fall is upon us!


Fall Into the Season

Fall is here and with that comes cooler weather and yummy treats! With Halloween right around the corner, we want to offer some tips to enjoy all the delicious treats and still maintain good dental oral health. You can still enjoy all the sweet treats that come your way, but the key is moderation.

Take Care of Your Teeth When Eating Sweets

You don't have to deny yourself that snickers or candy corn but do have some healthy, less sugary treats around as well such as apples or carrot sticks. When you do eat that sweet treat, brush as soon as you can. The less time the sugar has to ...

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