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How do I care for my denture?

Dentures should never be worn 24 hours a day.

Here at Jensen Beach Dental, Dr. Wigley recommends you sleep without your denture. You should clean your denture daily. Use a soft denture brush and do not use abrasive toothpaste. Toothpaste could cause minor scratches that will allow stains to develop more easily.

Soaking your denture in an over the counter denture cleaner daily is the best way to keep your denture looking brand new. Follow the manufacturer’s directions. Your denture should look as clean as your dishes you eat off of. They should not be stained and discolored.

You should also brush your tongue and gums daily. Use a normal toothbrush dipped in mouth wash for a clean refreshing feeling.

Store your denture at night in a clean carry case that is protected from pets and children.

Dr. Wigley advises you come in for an annual oral cancer exam and professional denture cleaning to make sure that everything is being maintained properly.

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