Family Dentistry in Jensen Beach, FL

Family Dentistry Jensen Beach FLAt Jensen Beach Dental, we are your one-stop shop for all of your family’s dental needs. Christopher J. Wigley, DMD, FAGD, our top dentist in Jensen Beach, FL is skilled at treating and educating patients of all ages on their oral health. We believe in “no pressure” dentistry. This means that we will always communicate your conditions and treatment options, but the final decision is yours to make. We want to support our community through excellent dental care and by providing the information you need to stay healthy.

Prevention for the Whole Family with Your Jensen Beach, FL Dentist

If you’re like us, your family is your number one priority! When you come to us, we believe you have placed a certain amount of trust in our dentistry and the services we provide. We take your trust seriously and will treat you as if you are our own family! Building community is our favorite part of working at Jensen Beach Dental. That is why we focus on how to prevent dental conditions as well as how to resolve them.

When you come to us regularly for dental exams, professional dental cleanings, and diagnostic x-rays, it allows us to get to know you and your unique health needs. That goes for your children, as well. We can head off many complications before they start by simply being aware of your challenges and oral health needs.

Everyone is different, so we will customize your treatment to match where you are in your health as well as your life stage.

Quality Restorative Treatments

When a dental condition does arise, we try to catch it quickly. That is why your regular exams and x-rays are so important to your overall health. We can save you time and money – and prevent pain – by treating certain conditions such as decay and cracks before they get worse.

Our fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and bonding can repair your damaged teeth, restore your comfort, and prolong the life of your smile. We treat restorations like small works of art, so that they blend in with your smile and enhance your beauty, not take away from it.

Dr. Wigley, your dentist in Jensen Beach, FL, is great with the details of providing quality restorations and will explain all of your options so you can choose the one that makes the most sense to you and your budget!

Effective Gum Treatments

Did you know that the health of your gums affects the overall health of your body? Many people don’t know about the heart-gums connection. Research shows that people with periodontal (gum) disease are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, stroke, and other health conditions than those with healthy gums. That’s why it is shocking to hear that more than half of American adults have some level of periodontal disease.

We approach your periodontal health with prevention in mind. Good home care combined with regular professional cleanings can keep your gums in good shape. If you do suffer from periodontal disease, we will work with you to control the infection, eliminate the bacteria that cause gum disease, and help you to heal.

Protecting your gums means protecting your heart and potentially saving your life.

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