Removable Partial Dentures in Jensen Beach, FL



Having missing teeth can affect every area of your life. From your self-confidence to eating and even speaking, missing teeth can be inconvenient, embarrassing, and take your mind off what‘s important - enjoying life! We offer several tooth replacement options in our dental office, including dentures in Jensen Beach, FL.

How Can I Replace Missing Teeth with Dentures in Jensen Beach, FL?

If you are facing extractions or already have multiple missing teeth, we offer a number of options to complete your smile. From dental implants, to bridges, and removable partial dentures, we provide a wide variety of solutions. Dr. Chris Wigley, your top dentist in Jensen Beach, FL,  can help in determining the option that will work best for your budget and lifestyle.

Partial Removable Dentures

For patients who do not qualify for dental implants due to a medical condition or for patients who want a more economical option, we offer partial removable dentures. Partial dentures are a reliable and cost-effective way to complete your smile quickly and effectively.

We place artificial teeth in an acrylic or metal base that snaps into your mouth, using your existing teeth as anchors. The clasps can be metal or we can disguise them so that they complement your smile by placing crowns or making the clasps gum colored.

Your artificial teeth will look natural! We custom design partial dentures for each patient, matching the shade, shape, and size of your teeth so that no one notices your denture and you can speak, laugh, and eat confidently.

Benefits of Partial DenturesRemovable Partial Dentures Jensen Beach FL

Aside from being a cost-effective way to replace missing teeth, your partial removable denture in Jensen Beach, FL  will also act as a placeholder for your missing teeth. When you lose teeth, your remaining teeth will begin to shift toward the gaps in your smile. This creates problems with your bite and may create additional oral health conditions such as tooth loss, periodontal disease, malocclusion (a misaligned bite), and decay at the root due to exposure.

Caring for Your Partial Removable Denture

All dental care begins with taking care of your teeth and gums. Since your remaining natural teeth provide the anchor to retain your partial denture, making sure your teeth and gums stay healthy will protect your investment. Excellent home care combined with routine dental exams and professional dental cleanings will go a long way to making sure you avoid additional tooth loss.

Jensen Beach FL Partial DenturesYour denture in Jensen Beach, FL should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner designed especially for dentures daily using cool water. Bringing your partial into your dental appointments will allow us to check it for damage, clean it, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a good fit. With the proper care, your denture can last for many years, providing you with a reliable solution to missing teeth.

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