Root Canal Therapy in Stuart, FL

We provide comfortable root canals in Jensen Beach, FL.

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Sometimes teeth become infected near the nerve, which can cause significant pain, swelling, and sensitivity. That is why root canals have such a bad reputation. By the time you realize a problem exists, you might be experiencing severe discomfort.

Remember, it is the infection that is causing the pain, but it is the root canal in Jensen Beach, FL that relieves that discomfort. The good news is that in many cases, root canal therapy can resolve your pain and infection, and save your tooth.

If you have a toothache that could mean you need a root canal, contact our dental office as soon as possible. Our team will get you an appointment with the top Jensen Beach, FL dentist Dr. Chris Wigley.

Continue reading to learn more about root infections and root canal therapy below.

What is a root canal in Jensen Beach, FL?

Root canal therapy is a procedure that we perform to remove the infection, bacteria, and infected tissue from inside your tooth. That means that we will need to make a small access hole in your natural tooth to access the pulp at the interior.

Don't worry! We will make sure you’re comfortable with your procedure by utilizing anesthetic to numb your tooth and nerve. In fact, you will likely feel better right after the process, and you'll continue to improve for the next few days.

Christopher J. Wigley, DMD, FAGD, is skilled at performing comfortable and successful root canals for our patients. He will gently eliminate the source of your discomfort and apply any necessary medication to assist with healing.

Will my root canal hurt?

Many people put off emergency dental exams out of fear of root canal treatment. When we perform root canal therapy in our Jensen Beach, FL dental office, you don’t have to worry about the procedure feeling painful.

Dr. Christopher Wigley will make sure your tooth is completely numb, which will provide the relief you need from the often severe symptoms associated with an infected tooth.

The pain associated with a root canal comes from inflammation due to the infection inside the tooth. By removing the infection and bacteria, Dr. Wigley will set your body on the path to healing.

When the anesthetic wears off, you will likely still feel some tenderness. It is important to remember that this sensitivity and discomfort is temporary. Most patients manage it adequately with over-the-counter medications. Your dentist in Jensen Beach, FL can help you decide which one will work best.

Each day, your tooth will feel better until it's completely healed. We will invite you back to our dental office to place a tooth-colored filling or dental crown over the tooth to protect it from the forces of chewing. Root canal therapy combined with a dental crown can extend the life of your tooth by years or sometimes decades with proper care.

What are the symptoms of a root infection?

A root, nerve, and pulp infection that requires a root canal in Jensen Beach, FL may present with subtle symptoms at first. You may notice a sensitive tooth that does not improve. Unfortunately, this pain can intensify reasonably quickly and leave you in agony. Your dentist in Jensen Beach, FL does not want that to happen. This is why we recommend scheduling an appointment if you notice oral health changes—like tooth sensitivity—that does not get better.

Signs of root infection include:

  • Tooth pain or a tooth that is sensitive
  • Jaw pain
  • Jaw swelling
  • A bump on the gum

You may notice only one of these symptoms, but we encourage you to get in touch with our dental office in any case.

Does a root canal infection mean a dental emergency?

In the early stages, a root infection may only cause a tooth to be more sensitive to hot or cold. At this stage, you should schedule an exam with your top dentist in Jensen Beach, FL. However, if you find yourself in pain, we always consider that a dental emergency.

Root infections can disturb your sleep, ruin your plans, and make it difficult to function and concentrate. We never want you to live with pain.

Always contact our office at the first sign of a dental emergency, including the symptoms of root infection.

Why do I need to save my tooth?

Keeping your natural teeth is more important than you might imagine. For starters, when you lose teeth, you may begin to lose the bone that is foundational in your dental health. When that happens, you can face additional tooth loss, tooth shifting, and more complex dental problems. Tooth loss can also give your face an aged appearance as you lose this bone.

Secondly, tooth replacement therapies such as dental implants cost more than saving your natural teeth. Even dental bridges require the preparation of adjacent teeth to support your dental bridge, adding to the overall cost of filling the gap in your smile.

Your teeth are also important for eating and speaking.

At Jensen Beach Dental, we try to save your natural tooth, whenever possible. A root canal can prolong the life of your tooth by decades.

How can you restore my tooth function?

root canal diagram in jensen beach flOnce your root canal in Jensen Beach, FL is complete, your body’s natural healing mechanisms will take over. While some tenderness and sensitivity post-root canal treatment is standard, you should feel gradual improvement each day until you feel like yourself again.

We will schedule a new exam to make sure the healing process goes smoothly. Next, Dr. Wigley will recommend a permanent restoration to protect your tooth. For some teeth, a simple composite (tooth-colored) filling might do the trick. It can seal your tooth and keep out bacteria. 

For molars and other teeth that bear the pressure from chewing, you may require a tooth crown to stabilize your tooth. After root canal therapy, your natural tooth will tend to become brittle, and a crown will completely cover your tooth, giving you the security you need to chew comfortably.

How can I lower my risks?

The easiest way to lower your risk for cavities, root infections, and gum disease is to clean your teeth two times each day with your toothbrush and dental floss and avoid sugar and acidic drinks and snacks. You should also schedule checkups with your dentist in Jensen Beach, FL every six months for dental exams and teeth cleanings.

Dental exams are designed to prevent oral health issues like root infections. Dental cleanings clear away the bacteria that lead to infection!

When it comes to avoiding root canals in Jensen Beach, FL, prevention is critical. And prevention works best when it’s a partnership between you and your dentist.

We Treat Root Canals Gently in Jensen Beach, FL

Don’t let your tooth pain go unchecked. Many times, the sooner you treat a troubled tooth, the higher the chance that we can save it and preserve the integrity of your smile. Call us right away if you feel sensitivity to hot and cold, have facial swelling, or feel pain when you bite down.

Our Jensen Beach, FL dental team awaits your call and looks forward to partnering with you in excellent oral health.