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Digital X-Rays

image of a digital x-ray machine | Jensen Beach FL

Digital x-rays provide a number of advantages over traditional film x-rays. They emit dramatically less radiation, by up to 80%, over traditional x-rays. That means greater safety for you.

Like digital photos, we review digital x-rays on the computer, allowing us to zoom in as well as increase the contrast to see the image in detail. That means we can diagnose conditions in their very earliest stages.

Digital Scanner

image of a digital scanner | Jensen Beach FL

Impression material is gooey and can cause discomfort for some patients. Additionally, impression material easily distorts and is not as accurate as the digital scanning technology we use at Jensen Beach Dental. Dr. Chris Wigley wants your restorations to be as accurate as possible so you have the greatest comfort and function when it comes to your dentistry.

Diode Laser

image of a diode laser | Jensen Beach FL

Diode lasers use light energy to treat soft tissue conditions. Our diode laser assists Dr. Chris Wigley with periodontal procedures including crown lengthening, gingival sculpting, lesion removal, to eliminate bacteria, and even to treat canker sores. They promote fast healing and are more comfortable for our patients than traditional treatment.

LANAP Laser Gum Therapy

image of a device used for laser assisted procedures | Jensen Beach FL

LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure) utilizes light energy to treat periodontal disease and promote tissue regeneration. A tiny laser fiber, less than a millimeter in width, is inserted between your tooth and gums. It removes bacteria, diseased tissue, and promotes healthy tissue growth. The LANAP procedure is more comfortable, faster healing, and eliminates the bleeding associated with traditional periodontal surgeries. With LANAP, we can avoid the traditional cutting and stitches that is standard with traditional gum surgery.

PrepStart H2O

Image of a tool that makes adjustments to your teeth without a drill | Jensen Beach FL

The PrepStart H2O is an air abrasion device that utilizes Aluminon Oxide, Air, and Water to make adjustments to your teeth without using a drill. 

Dental Loupes

Dental loupes are special glasses that Dr. Chris Wigley uses for magnification. Because they allow him to see the tiny details of your teeth and gums more accurately, he provides the most precise treatment possible.

Dental loupes are useful in all types of procedures, especially surgeries, because when it comes to dentistry, it’s all in the details!

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