Laser Gum Therapy in Jensen Beach, FL

woman sitting in a dental chairLaser gum therapy in Jensen Beach for your oral health!

Periodontal (gum) disease is a serious infection that, according to the CDC, affects more than half of adults in America. In its earliest stage, called gingivitis, gum disease can be reversible with the proper care and professional dental treatment. In its later stages, called periodontitis, you may require specialized dental cleanings and even surgery to heal your gums.

Causes and Symptoms of Gum Disease in Jensen Beach, FL

The main cause of periodontal disease in Jensen Beach is neglect. Failure to exercise consistent and appropriate home care such as brushing and flossing can allow bacteria to collect in and around your gum line. Additionally, no matter how diligent you are with your home care, you cannot eliminate all bacteria without regular professional cleanings. Hygienists are specially trained professionals who can remove tartar and bacteria from below your gum line and between your teeth.

Certain medical conditions, medication, and hormonal changes, like during pregnancy, can also affect the health of your gums. We will take a medical history to determine any connection between your overall health and your oral health so we know best how to treat it.

Common symptoms of gum disease in Jensen Beach include bad breath, inflammation, bleeding, redness, pain, pocketing, recession, and bone loss. When left untreated, periodontal disease can cause tooth loss and complications with some systemic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers now believe that the inflammatory nature of periodontal disease exacerbates a number of existing health conditions.

Periodontal Treatments

When you come to Jensen Beach Dental, we will evaluate the health of your gums and teeth. If we notice that you have symptoms of gum disease, we will let you know right away and help to develop a plan to restore your periodontal health.

In some cases, we can eliminate the infection with a series of specialized cleanings in our hygiene department. Our hygienists are friendly, gentle, and dedicated to working with our patients to educate them regarding their own oral health.

Until the infection is completely gone, you may benefit from more frequent dental cleanings. Some patients find that additional dental cleanings keep them on track. Because each person is different, we will approach your hygiene regimen in an individualized way.

Laser Gum Therapy in Jensen Beach, FL

When surgery is required to remove bacteria and infected tissue, we offer laser gum therapy as opposed to traditional surgery because of its many advantages. 

image of a tooth brush and flossLaser gum treatments are so precise that they allow us to retain your healthy gum tissue while we remove the damaged tissue. Additionally, lasers cause less bleeding and less discomfort, and provide faster recovery times than traditional methods. 

Because so many patients suffer from periodontal disease during their lifetimes, it was important to Christopher J. Wigley, DMD, FAGD, to provide the very best option for treatment to our patients. After all, it is what we would want for our own family members and friends!

Do You Suffer From Periodontal Disease in Jensen Beach, FL?

Don’t hesitate to call our Jensen Beach, FL dental office. You will never hear a guilt trip from us, even if it has been a while since you have visited the dentist. We will stay focused on solutions for your health and help you get back on track in a caring and comfortable environment.