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Using Laser Dental Treatment to Treat Periodontal Disease

November 16, 2020
Posted By: Jensen Beach Dental
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Periodontal disease infects supporting gum tissues and jaw bone that hold your teeth in place. Affecting millions of Americans, there are various reasons why gum disease occurs, from poor oral hygiene to injury to smoking. At Jensen Beach Dental, we help our patients overcome dental issues using dental technology that makes the process more reliable and comfortable.

What Do Laser Dental Treatments Do?

Most dentists treat periodontal disease with scaling and root planing, nonsurgical treatments that clean your tooth's surfaces and exposed roots.

Periodontal treatment in Jensen Beach preserves and regenerates tissue and bone. Dr. Christopher J. Wigley incorporates a laser to eliminate tissue and bacteria and remove calculus before sealing the gum tissue. 

This modern restorative treatment allows us to retain your natural gum tissue as much as possible while stimulating stem cells to form new tissue and bone. During the healing process, your body restores any connective tissue, bone, collagen, or ligaments that might have been impacted.

Why Jensen Beach Patients Benefit From Laser Gum Disease Treatment 

Everyone's smile is different, including the level and severity of their periodontal disease. Dr. Wigley can adjust the laser beam's power levels, giving him complete control over the procedure and allowing for customizable, optimized patient treatment.

Since laser treatment is minimally invasive and gentle, the healing time is drastically reduced compared to traditional methods. Patients don't have to recover from stress to the gum tissue, tooth, and jaw bone, meaning less pain and more comfort. Most patients find they do not need anesthesia since drills are not required.

Due to the precise nature of laser periodontal therapy, our Stuart, FL dentist can preserve as much of your tooth's healthy natural structure as possible. Patients can enjoy longer oral health without having to compromise their existing teeth.

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