Dentures in Jensen Beach, FL

Missing teeth can make daily tasks difficult. You might find that eating the foods you love and even speaking can become a problem without all of your teeth. Having proper nutrition is vital to your overall health, including your bone health. That is why we prioritize function and comfort when it comes to your tooth replacement options in Jensen Beach, FL. This includes our dentures in Jensen Beach, FL.

If you opt for dentures, Jensen Beach dentist Dr. Chris Wigley and his team will customize dentures that look natural, fit the unique contours of your mouth, and increase your bite force. Our patient-centered staff is dedicated to your comfort and well-being.

If you’re considering dentures in Jensen Beach, FL, contact a member of our professional team today at (772) 334-4004 to get started.

We invite you to continue reading through the popular questions we hear most often from patients who are interested in Jensen Beach dentures.

dentures jensen beach flHow can I get custom dentures in Jensen Beach, FL?

If you’re looking for quality dentures in Jensen Beach, FL, the first step is an exam with Dr. Wigley. He will assess your oral health situation to make sure dentures are a good option for you. Considerations include your overall wellness and jawbone health.

When teeth are missing, your jawbone detracts; this may lead to an aged appearance and make it difficult to wear dentures. However, most healthy adults with moderate bone loss can wear dentures, so it is always best to seek a consultation with our top dentist in Jensen Beach.

If Dr. Wigley determines that you’re a good fit for dentures, we take an impression of your mouth and use this mold to create your custom appliance. Dr. Wigley will provide the finishing touches and make sure your denture fits comfortably and complements your facial structure.

At Jensen Beach Dental, we pay careful attention to the look and feel of your dentures. We want you to enjoy your new smile without incident, and we will never allow you to leave our dental office with a bulky appliance that does not complement your smile.

How do dentures work?

Dentures are restoration teeth on an arch or plate that takes the place of natural teeth. They are designed to allow for better eating and to give you back your smile.

An upper-plate relies on suction and easily grips your gums and your arch. A lower denture relies on the ridges of your gums and natural saliva to lock into place.

Today’s dentures are natural-looking and attractive. They are meant to fit your mouth and no one else’s. Often, when patients think of dentures, they recall the appliances worn by their grandparents or dentures they saw decades ago. We invite you to experience the denture difference with Jensen Beach Dental.

What is the difference between full dentures and partial dentures?

Comfortable Partial Dentures

When you are missing some, but not all, of your teeth, we may recommend partial dentures. Partial dentures use your remaining teeth as an anchor for your partial. We create your custom partial denture to match your remaining teeth so that your smile looks natural and uniform.

Usually, partial dentures rely on a metal base and artificial replacement teeth.

When you have partial dentures, you may require periodic adjustments to keep your denture feeling and looking great. Additionally, caring for your remaining natural teeth is essential because they are the foundation for your partial denture.

We recommend regular dental check-ups so we can monitor your denture as well as your health, helping you to get the most out of your dentistry.

Custom Complete (Full) Dentures

When you lose all of your teeth on your upper or lower arch, you might think that your days of eating the foods you love are over. That may not be the case, however. Dr. Wigley creates exceptionally comfortable dentures so that you can still maintain your nutrition and appearance.

When we create full dentures, we focus on function, but we also believe that your dentures should be attractive. We will discuss the appearance of your smile before we begin so we know what kind of smile you want. Next, Dr. Wigley and our professional team will work together to create the aesthetic, comfortable dentures you have always wanted.

Will my dentures look natural?

At Jensen Beach Dental, we rely on the latest technologies and the best materials to craft a denture that looks natural and functions to help you eat the foods you love.

Dr. Wigley has helped countless patients achieve natural-looking smiles with our quality dentures in Jensen Beach, FL. We think you’ll be surprised what modern dentures can do for your smile.

How can I prevent denture slippage?

Without the stimulation of tooth roots, your jawbone shrinks. Over time, you may notice that your denture shifts when you’re speaking or eating—it just doesn’t have the snug feel that it did early on.

There are several things you can do to help prevent or reverse denture slippage, including:

  • Having your denture realigned to better adhere to your gums and arch
  • Using over-the-counter adhesives
  • Replacing your denture
  • Implant-retained dentures

How much do implant-retained dentures cost in Jensen Beach, FL?

Full dentures can pose a challenge if you have significant bone loss. That is why we offer implant-retained dentures to provide you with added comfort and confidence. By placing a few implants that can “lock-in” your denture, we can eliminate the slipping and movement often associated with denture wear. 

Dental implants in Jensen Beach, FL are thin screws created from sturdy titanium. When these titanium screws are implanted in your jaw, they stimulate your jawbone to help prevent jawbone shrinkage and lock your dentures in place despite prior reduction.

When we combine these two technologies, it can provide you with a cost-effective and long-term solution for your smile.

Prices for implant-retained dentures vary for several reasons, including:

  • Denture type
  • Dental insurance—may pay all or a portion of denture costs
  • Extractions

Following your consultation with Dr. Wigley, our team will provide a good estimate to help you make the best decision for your smile.

However, it’s important to remember that implant-supported dentures in Jensen Beach provide a permanent solution to tooth loss; while you may have to replace the denture at some point in your life, the implants are yours forever with good dental care. You’ll not have to worry about realigns, purchasing adhesives, or bone loss preventing you from wearing dentures years down the road.

To get extended life out of your implant-retained denture, visit our dental office for exams and gum cleanings. Our dentist in Jensen Beach will tell you how to care for your implant-retained denture at home, too.

woman wearing dentures in jensen beach flWill my insurance cover dentures in Stuart, FL?

At Jensen Beach Dental, we understand that you want to make the most of your dental benefits, and in some cases, dental insurance covers your extractions and your dentures—partial payment or full coverage. If you have an insurance plan and can choose your own dentist, we will work with your insurance company to make the most of your dental benefits so you can enjoy quality dentures in Jensen Beach, FL.

Some insurance plans may be in-network, and some may be out-of-network. However, we will bill your insurance company for you, handling all of the paperwork and claims, so you don’t have to worry.

Because dental insurance has not changed with the times, it is important to remember that it is rarely a catchall for your dental expenses. It is best to think about dental insurance like a supplement or a coupon toward treatment. Dr. Wigley will always recommend treatment based on what is best for your dental health, not what is covered by your insurance. Together, you can make a decision that works well for you.

We also accept CareCredit and Springstone in Jensen Beach, FL to help you with out-of-pocket expenses and to get the dentistry you want and need. This allows you to spread out payments over time with no interest or low-interest plans.

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