TMJ Treatment in Jensen Beach, FL

Are you seeking treatment for TMJ in Jensen Beach, FL?

Having daily headaches or jaw pain can disrupt every area of your life. From causing discomfort to fatigue, any chronic pain can take its toll. At Jensen Beach Dental, we treat patients who experience jaw disorders and daily headaches or migraines due to a misaligned bite and jaw disorders.

What is TMJ in Jensen Beach, FL?

If you experience jaw pain, you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from temporomandibular (jaw) joint dysfunction, also known as TMJ or TMJD. The symptoms of TMJD vary widely from person to person, but often include the following:

  • Jaw painwoman holding her jaw with concern on a dental chair in jensen beach fl
  • Facial soreness
  • Clicking or popping of the jaw joints
  • Locking jaw joints
  • Teeth not coming together correctly
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Neck aches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Clenching or grinding of teeth (bruxism)

Symptoms can remain constant or come and go from day to day. They may be worse upon awakening in the morning and dissipate throughout the day. You may only have pain after yawning or eating something chewy. If you experience any of the symptoms of TMJD, we can help!

What Causes Jaw Pain?

If you have a misaligned bite, the stress from chewing and speaking can trigger your symptoms, or if your jaw experiences trauma because of an accident, symptoms might come on suddenly. Sometimes they appear for an unknown reason. Nocturnal clenching and grinding, also known as bruxism, often plays a role in jaw dysfunction.
Fortunately, Dr. Wigley provides non-invasive treatment options to correct your bite, help your jaw relax, and improve your quality of life.

Treatment for TMJD and Jaw Painimage of an x-ray and a person holding up clear aligners in jensen beach

Not every dentist has the education or experience to treat jaw disorders. Dr. Wigley, your dentist in Jensen Beach, FL however, received the necessary training to bring our patients relief.

Typically, we treat TMJD using an occlusal splint. A splint is like a nightguard, but with the added benefit of guiding your jaw into better alignment in order to allow your muscles to relax and your jaw to return to its ideal position.

We design the surface of your splint to complement your bite, bringing your upper and lower jaw into ideal alignment. This process happens over time and regular adjustments to the surface of your splint will help us achieve an ideal outcome. 

We create custom splints for our patients that fit perfectly, feel comfortable, and are easy to wear. Most patients report some relief in as little as a few days.

If you have significant wear and damage to your teeth due to bruxism, correcting your tooth structure using crowns and fillings can restore your bite and comfort. In order to protect your dentistry, we may recommend a nightguard.

What Happens if I Do Not Seek Treatment?

When jaw dysfunction is left untreated, your joints may begin to deteriorate and require surgery. By treating TMJ in Jensen Beach, FL early, you may be able to avoid more invasive treatment that includes flushing out the jaw joint (arthrocentesis) or jaw reconstruction.

Do You Have Jaw Pain or Need Treatment for TMJ in Jensen Beach, FL?

No one should have to live with pain! Contact our Jensen Beach, FL dental office today to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Wigley. He can diagnose your condition and offer treatment options that allow you to have a comfortable and healthy smile.