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When Do You Need a Root Canal?

November 8, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Christopher J. Wigley
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If you have an infection or inflammation in the canal of your tooth, you’ll need a root canal in Jensen Beach, FL, to prevent tooth loss or extraction.

A root canal infection usually presents with increasing tooth pain and swelling. Without treatment, the pain worsens, and you risk the loss of the tooth or infection spread.

In rare cases, you may not have pain if the infection is emergent or the tooth nerve is dead. Often, your dentist finds this type of infection during your routine checkup, which is one of the reasons, regular dental care is so important. 

Causes of Root Canal Infection

When bacteria penetrate the tooth through several layers, reaching the root canal, you develop an infection. Bacteria reach the canal for various reasons, including:

  • Poor oral hygiene or skipping brushing and flossing sessions
  • Failure to visit your dentist for preventive checkups and teeth cleanings
  • Injury to the tooth that allows bacteria to penetrate the canal

To lower your risks for root canal infection, we recommend seeing your Jensen Beach dentist every six months. This schedule lowers your chances of root infections, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Likewise, adopting and implementing an excellent oral care routine at home helps keep your smile healthy. And if you have a dental injury, we recommend reporting it to a team member. Our trained staff can let you know whether your tooth might be at risk and help you recognize the early signs of significant injury or infection.

We consider root infection a dental emergency because it causes pain and puts the tooth at risk.

Root Canal in Jensen Beach, FL

Root canal treatment is not painful. In fact, we numb the area so completely that you’ll only notice the pressure but not feel any finer movements as your dentist clears the infection from your tooth. After cleaning the canal, we close with a temporary filling. You come back in a few weeks for a natural filling or a dental crown—the latter is recommended if the infection has compromised tooth structure and stability.

Contact Us for Gentle Root Canal Treatment Near Me

If you have a toothache or swelling, we encourage you to contact our dental office as soon as possible to arrange an emergency dental visit.

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