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Cavities Are the Most Common Disease Among Children . . . But They Don't Have to Be

July 13, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Christopher J. Wigley, DMD, FAGD
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Tooth decay can begin at a very early age. A child is at risk of decay as soon as his or her first tooth comes in, which is often before the child is even one year old.

Though tooth decay is prevalent among children, the condition should not be taken lightly. At Jensen Beach Dental, we understand the importance of establishing good dental hygiene practices early on and take pride in our ability to serve each member of your family through every stage of their life.

Why Keep Baby Teeth Healthy if Children Lose Them Anyway?

The condition commonly referred to as oral “decay” is caused by excessive acid in the mouth resulting from bacterial plaque that sits on teeth and causes demineralization. If decay goes unaddressed, demineralization leads to weakened enamel, which in turn results in cavities. Cavities can develop in both baby teeth and permanent teeth.

A child’s first set of teeth will eventually give way to their permanent adult teeth, so establishing and maintaining a healthy mouth early in life can help prevent later complications. It is important to keep children’s first set of teeth healthy and strong since these are such critical years in their early development. Children need their teeth for eating so they can maintain good nutrition as well as learn how to properly form their words, which greatly affects their social development.

What Can I Do to Help Keep My Child’s Teeth Healthy?

Learning good dental hygiene practices begins at home, so teaching your children the right brushing and flossing techniques is the best place to start.

Regular check-ups and professional cleanings are also key in preventing dental pain and discomfort for your little ones, as problems can be detected and addressed before they become significant issues.

Taking your children to a trusted dentist is the best way to expose them to proper oral care for the long term. Doing so helps them learn what to expect and also helps alleviate their fear of the unknown.

The entire treatment team at our Stuart, FL family dentistry office is prepared to help you and your children establish safe and healthy oral care practices. Be proactive about your child’s oral health and call us at (772) 206-3953 to schedule a visit today.  

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