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Common Dental Emergencies and How to Avoid Them

January 30, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Christopher J. Wigley, DMD, FAGD
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At Jensen Beach Dental, we do our best to help patients avoid dental emergencies.

Of course, they still sometimes happen and when they do, we are here for you. If you experience a dental emergency in the Stuart, FL area, give us a call so that we can restore your comfort quickly and help you maintain good oral health.


3 Common Dental Emergencies (and How to Avoid Them)

A Fractured Tooth

Most of the time, when patients come to us with a fractured tooth, it is because they bit into something very common – like a bagel, burrito, or even a piece of bread. It seems counter-intuitive to think that something so soft could cause a tooth to break! After all, enamel is the hardest substance in the human body.

In most cases, the bread or bagel was simply the final straw for an already damaged tooth. Fractures can go undetected for years and often originate from a clenching and grinding habit or previous trauma.

A regular dental exam, at least twice a year, is a good way to prevent a tooth from fracturing. We can identify any cracks in your teeth and take action by placing a protective dental crown to cover your tooth. A dental crown will prolong the life of your tooth by adding stability.

Tooth Loss Due to Periodontal Disease

Gum infections can progress quickly. If you have an infection, it diminishes your bone and can cause tooth mobility that results in tooth loss. When bone loss occurs, replacing your tooth becomes more difficult.

Getting regular dental cleanings will help us maintain the health of your gums and prevent advanced periodontal disease. Dental cleanings are an inexpensive and proactive way to protect your smile.

A Broken Restoration

Dental restorations do not last forever. Avoid biting into things like ice that can crack or damage a dental restoration. Regular x-rays help us locate dental restorations that may need to be replaced or identify teeth that have secondary decay – decay around the margins of your crown or fillings.

By making a small investment in prevention and maintaining regular dental appointments, you can often avoid the dental emergencies that most commonly affect patients.

If you ever experience a dental emergency, contact our Stuart, FL dental office right away!

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