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Why Cosmetic Dentistry Isn’t Just For Looks

April 26, 2021
Posted By: Jensen Beach Dental
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A perfect smile is within reach when you receive cosmetic dental care in Jensen Beach, FL. Our team at Jensen Beach Dental provides the highest quality cosmetic dentistry services to enhance your smile's appearance and health. 

Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Smile's Health 

Not only can cosmetic dentistry restore broken, missing, or decayed teeth, but it can also improve and protect your oral health. Also, when you have a smile that you’re proud of, you are more likely to take care of your teeth and practice good oral hygiene to keep your smile beautiful.

Cosmetic treatments are perfect for repairing aesthetic flaws, but they can also reinforce the strength of your teeth or gums, giving you a healthier smile you can enjoy for many years to come. Our cosmetic dental treatments allow patients to attain their dream smiles while also improving their oral health and reducing their risks for disease and decay. 

  1. Porcelain veneers – If left untreated, damaged teeth can lead to oral infections or cavities. Porcelain veneers can strengthen brittle, cracked, or discolored teeth, so your smile remains functional and protected from wear. 
  2. Dental bonding – Bonding can repair chipped or fractured teeth, ultimately reducing your risk of experiencing more damage to your smile or developing a painful infection. 
  3. Dental implants – Dental implants replace missing teeth, giving you a seamless and functional smile. They also prevent bone loss and give you a more stable bite so you can comfortably and safely chew, bite, and speak. 
  4. Profession teeth whitening – If you want a whiter, brighter smile, professional teeth whitening may be the perfect treatment for you. Our teeth whitening treatments remove cavity-causing plaque and eliminate tough yellow and dark-hued stains from your teeth. 
  5. Invisalign clear braces – Having straight teeth improves your ability to comfortably eat, chew, speak, brush, and floss. Orthodontics like Invisalign also reduce the risk of cavities, gum disease, injury, and enamel wear. 
  6. Crowns and bridges – Crowns and bridges replace missing teeth, and they can also strengthen and protect teeth weakened by damage, decay, or procedures like root canals. 

A Brighter, Healthier Smile Awaits! 

If you’re not happy with your smile, our team at Jensen Beach Dental can help you! We provide high-quality cosmetic dentistry to patients in Jensen Beach, Ocean Breeze, Stuart, Rio, North Rivers Shore, Sewall's Point, and all surrounding areas. 

If you do not have dental insurance, don’t worry! We have a special savings program available for uninsured patients to receive preventive care and cosmetic treatments at an affordable price. Call us today to learn more about affordable cosmetic dentistry at our dental office. 

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