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Reasons Not to Use Mail-Order Clear Braces

December 14, 2020
Posted By: Jensen Beach Dental
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If you’ve considered orthodontics, chances are you’ve seen the advertisements for mail-order braces. Typically, these systems ask you to take impressions of your own teeth, send them off, and wait for your new aligners.

Your cosmetic dentist near Stuart, FL strongly cautions you to avoid these products for several reasons.

Reasons to Avoid Mail-Order Clear Braces

There are so many reasons why you should trust your tooth alignment to a professional. A few of these reasons include:

Incorrect impressions—It takes training to take proper impressions of someone’s smile. Mistakes with impressions mean your mail-order aligners will not fit properly, which means you may end up with more orthodontic issues after treatment than you had when you started!

Jaw and tooth root damage—Dentists and orthodontists undergo extensive training before providing orthodontic treatments. They always start you with a consultation to ensure your teeth and jaws are in the right condition for clear braces. They may recommend pretreatments to make you a candidate. However, when you order aligners through the mail, you have no way of knowing whether your teeth are ready for this system.

Price—Many people report paying more money in the long-run for mail-order orthodontics. While it may seem less expensive upfront, there are often charges later on—specifically when the aligner comes in the mail. It doesn’t fit correctly, or when you have to go through secondary treatment with a trained dentist because the mail-order system did more harm than good.

At Jensen Beach Dental, your well-being is our top priority.

Invisalign in Jensen Beach

Invisalign in Jensen Beach is the most trusted name in clear orthodontics. If we approve you for this system—meaning it will give you the results you’ve been looking for—we take meticulous impressions of your teeth, send these results to the reputable Invisalign lab, and start you on a treatment that gives predictable results.

For Invisalign Near Stuart, FL, Contact Our Dental Office

Always trust your smile health to a professional. Reach out to a team member today to get started.

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