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How can my dentist treat TMJ Disorders?

Chronic pain can put a damper on a person’s overall health. Jaw pain is one type with which millions of people struggle each day. It contributes to migraines, facial pain, neck aches, even Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

Often, we can trace your jaw pain to a problem in your jaw joint or your temporomandibular joint, also known as your TMJ.

Dr. Christopher Wigley, your dentist in Jensen Beach, FL, is trained to help resolve TMJ disorders.

How We Treat TMJ Disorders

Dr. Wigley specializes in non-invasive treatments for TMJ and jaw pain. In most cases, he will recommend an occlusal splint, which is an oral appliance your wear, especially as you sleep.

A splint is similar to a nightguard but with a particular shape that repositions your jaw to align it properly. By creating support for this position, your jaw can relax and relieve stress on the musculature in your face.

Over the long term, wearing your splint will help your jaw’s new position become more permanent, so long as you get regular check-ups for adjustments to your splint if necessary. Our expertise allows us to create splints that accomplish an excellent fit to promote comfort and consistent use.

Learn More about TMJ Treatment in Jensen Beach, FL

You don’t have to suffer jaw pain that can lead to so many other debilitating symptoms. Dr. Wigley’s warm staff is here to help. Treatment and relief are just a call away.

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