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How long will it take to get a dental crown?

dental crown | jensen beach, fl | jensen beach dentalIf you need a dental crown in Jensen Beach, FL, you may be wondering how long the process takes. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, fitting a patient for and eventually placing a permanent crown is a relatively quick process.

You will typically receive your crown over the course of two separate visits to Jensen Beach Dental.

During your first visit, which will last approximately one hour, your tooth will be examined and evaluated by Dr. Wigley. Depending on the amount of damage to your tooth, our office may need to add a large filling called a core to the tooth to help improve structure and stability. We may also need to remove a portion of the existing tooth to make room for the porcelain crown.

At this first dental crown appointment, we will use a digital scan to obtain an impression of your tooth. This impression helps us create a temporary crown that is placed on the damaged tooth until the permanent crown is ready. Your permanent crown will be created by a skilled dental laboratory and usually takes several weeks to make.

Once the permanent crown is created and has been delivered to our office, you will return for a second appointment. At this appointment, we will bond the permanent crown to your existing tooth. It typically takes around 20 or 30 minutes to complete this process. After your crown has been placed, you are good to go! 

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