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Will it hurt to have my teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening faq | Jensen Beach, FL | Jensen Beach DentalIf you are considering professional teeth whitening in Jensen Beach, FL, look no further than Jensen Beach Dental. We offer professional teeth whitening to our patients in two convenient ways: through both in-office and take-home treatments.

If you have sensitive teeth, you may have concerns about the effects of whitening treatments. Although teeth whitening treatments have been known to cause mild discomfort or increased sensitivity for those patients who already have sensitive teeth, teeth whitening should never hurt or cause significant amounts of irritation.

The Benefits of Professional Whitening

Unlike teeth whitening treatments purchased at a drugstore, our professional whitening kits are tailored to your mouth and the unique shape of your smile — which means gel that stays on your teeth and will not irritate your gums. The strength of the whitening gel can also be customized depending on your needs and your desired shade. Typically, less concentrated whitening gels are more gentle on sensitive teeth.

Whitening your teeth is a simple, mess-free way to instantly improve the look of your smile, and you should never have to worry about experiencing pain or have fears about whitening treatments. If you have concerns about teeth whitening, you can always call and talk to our caring dental staff or make a teeth whitening appointment to discuss your options for whitening your smile in Jensen Beach, FL.

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