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Do you offer sedation?

man at dentist | jensen beach sedation dentistry Don't Let Dental Anxiety Stop You From Getting Treatment

We know that many patients have a fear of the dentist. Whether you had a bad experience in the past or you simply don’t like to have dental treatment, you might feel nervous about your appointment. 

At Jensen Beach Dental, our team is incredibly gentle and compassionate. We welcome patients with warmth and care so that you can feel at home and relaxed while you are with us. When you need a little something extra to help you relax, we offer nitrous oxide.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a gas (often called “laughing gas”) that we administer with a combination of oxygen through a nose mask. Nitrous oxide enters your system quickly, helping you feel relaxed, and sometimes even euphoric. Many patients find that it takes the edge off of treatment and gives them that added confidence to follow through with their procedures.

Nitrous oxide enters your system quickly and leaves it quickly, too. You will feel normal just a few minutes after we stop administering the gas. It is incredibly safe and can even be used on children to help them settle down so that they can have the care they need.

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If you have dental anxiety and feel that nitrous oxide might work for you, call our Jensen Beach dental office for an evaluation. We look forward to helping you have the care you need – comfortably.

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