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Can my root canal treatment wait?

Many people falsely believe that root canal treatment is painful and involved. However, root canal treatment is a straightforward procedure on par with a dental filling. There is no need to put off this treatment that relieves pain and saves your infected tooth!

Why Root Canals Need to be Treated Quickly

A root canal treatment is a dental emergency because it means you have trauma to your tooth or a root infection. Infection can spread to other teeth or other parts of the body. For these reasons, waiting is never recommended. On the contrary, you should contact us right away.

If your dentist finds root infection during a routine exam—and you do not have pain—you may think that you can put off treatment indefinitely. However, the painlessness can be attributed to early infection or a tooth nerve that has already died. And just because you don’t have pain today—or too much pain—does not mean the infection will not lead to severe tooth pain later on.

Your root canal treatment means we numb the area, gently remove the root and pulp, close with a rinse and healing agent. You come back in a few weeks for a real filling or a dental crown. It’s all very simple.

Root Canal Treatment in Stuart, FL

If you have a root infection, don’t wait. Your dentist in Jensen Beach is here to restore your tooth to better health. Contact our office in Jensen Beach. 

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