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How long do TMJ Disorders last?

Your TMJ, which stands for temporomandibular joint, is what allows you to speak, chew, yawn, or do anything else that requires you to open your mouth. You use these joints hundreds of times every day, and when your TMJ is misaligned, stressed, or inflamed, you will inevitably experience jaw pain and a host of other symptoms.

TMJ Misalignment Should Be Corrected

If you suffer from a TMJ disorder, you will not experience significant relief until you begin treatment. This is because for your TMJ to work correctly, it relies on a soft disc of tissue to cushion between your skull and mandible or lower jaw. The longer this disc is stressed, the more damage you will do. The only way to preserve the disc is to fix its alignment.

Dr. Christopher Wigley can treat your TMJ with a mouthpiece-type appliance that repositions your jaw as you wear it. This new positioning strategy will encourage a better jaw position over time. We will also encourage exercises to strengthen your jaw muscles.

Learn More about TMJ Treatment in Jensen Beach, FL

People who suffer from chronic stiffness and pain caused by a TMJ disorder need to seek treatment if they wish the problem to end. So, to start on the path towards healing and less jaw and facial pain, give us a call today.

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