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If a tooth on my denture breaks, will I need a whole new denture?

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Finding out if you need a new denture depends on how they broke. What is the reason for the failure? Is it a simple broken tooth or is there more to the story?

Every Fix Is Unique

Many times a tooth becomes unglued and can be replaced quite easily the same day. Other times the nature of the problem is not very apparent and there are other reasons that the denture may have broken. One reason may be a severely worn denture that has become very weak and as a result, teeth start to break. As acrylic teeth wear down over time, the denture can become weaker and thinner and more prone to fracture.

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Here at Jensen Beach Dental, Dr. Wigley will evaluate all your options and get you the best solution for your denture problem. Most times you can have your repaired denture back the same day. If a new denture is needed, the turn around time isn't as long as you may think so give us a call.

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