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Why do I wake up with headaches?

You may wake up with headaches if you grind your teeth or clench your jaws while sleeping. Teeth grinding (bruxism) not only wears down your teeth but also places immense pressure on your jaw joints. This constant pressure can cause pain to radiate through your face and head, leading to seemingly intolerable migraines and jaw pain.  

TMJ and Bruxism 

Bruxism is often associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, also known as TMD or simply TMJ. Though symptoms vary with each person, TMJ can cause facial soreness, migraines, neckaches, jaw pain, and lockjaw, to name a few. 

Custom Mouthguards for TMJ

Though many people consider using over-the-counter mouthguards, they are not nearly as effective or comfortable as those specifically designed for you. Personalized mouthguards fit your unique bite for increased comfort, and they protect your teeth and jaws from additional wear. 

Mouthguards create a barrier of protection around your teeth as they gently guide your jaw into proper alignment. Not only do they alleviate the pressure on your jaw and face muscles, but they also promote improved jaw function so you can finally live your life without constant TMJ pain.  

Relieve Headaches and Jaw Pain in Jensen Beach, FL

Dr. Wigley and our team at Jensen Beach Dental provide comprehensive care to patients who suffer from jaw pain and migraines. If you clench your jaws or grind your teeth at night, you may benefit from a personalized nightguard supplied by our Jensen Beach, FL dental office. 

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